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Great Ways to Utilize Unused Attic Space

Converting your unused attic space into an area of your home that is both functional and attractive can be a great way to add to both its’ value and the enjoyment you and your family get from living in it. There are a number of ways to make the most of an attic conversion project, and with the help of a trained renovation specialist, the results can be absolutely spectacular.

Using attic space to the fullest

One of the biggest problems that people contemplating an attic conversion encounter is what to do with the lowered ceilings that seem at first look to offer little in the way of potential. However, there are several ways you can make great use of these areas, all it takes is a little imagination and planning.

For instance, these low eaves offer the potential for great built in storage that is both functional and attractive. Shelving and cupboards can be fairly easily installed in these areas to make sure the open space remains clutter free, and it will also prevent any injuries suffered by people accidentally walking into a low ceilinged area.

More alternatives

Another option is to place the furniture you will use in your converted attic space to cover these areas altogether, taking them out of the picture altogether. For instance, a high backed sofa can be placed in front of lower lying areas, as a physical barrier to prevent people from entering at all. You can make use of the space left showing by adding decorative touches such as a well-placed wall light illuminating an attractive picture arrangement.

Let the light shine

Speaking of light, good lighting is essential to any attic-remodeling project. This can be in the form of adding extra natural light, by way of adding dormer windows or skylights. Not only do such things improve the overall look of the space but they also provide wonderful views to be enjoyed by the new room’s occupants as well.

Artificial Light in Attics

Electric lighting can also be used to add brightness and ambience to an attic, as can the clever use of paint. Something as simple as painting the ceilings a bright white in color and making best use of the angles in the space to bounce light all around can instantly transform a darker area into an inviting, warm retreat.

Perhaps the best thing to do when considering an attic renovation is to enlist the advice of a renovation specialist. They can help you decide exactly what the true potential is for the space, and how best to go about achieving the spectacular results you want.

By Melanie Rivera

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