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Attic Bathroom Remodeling
Smart design is important in every level of a home, but it is that much more so the case in the attic. Every inch counts, especially when you are trying to meet code requirements and make the rooms feel spacious.
Attics are great places to make room for a new bathroom. Bathroom fixtures can be squeezed into space created under sloped roof lines. The thing you have to watch for is making sure that the head clearance codes required by local building codes are adhered to.
How to Use Space Under Sloped Ceilings

1) Bathroom Toilet Layout for Attics

Toilets can be tucked into low walls.

This works because the back of the toilet is against the wall - the lowest part of the room. Ensuring that you meet code will give person standing in front of the toilet enough head room. Then, the descending height of the sloped ceiling will more than accommodate a person seating down on the toilet as well.

Further use is made of the low attic wall by installing a cabinet for toiletries over the toilet.

Installing a toilet under a sloped ceiling with a low wall is just fine as long as the height clearance in front of the toilet meets the minimum code requirement.

2) Bathroom Sink Layout for Attics

Placing a sink with a vanity under a sloped ceiling works well too!

Again, the key is maintaining code required head heights in front of the sink. The vanity acts a a barrier from getting too close to the lower part of the ceiling.

Adding a skylight well directly above the sink can give you a few extra inches to extend your vanity mirror into to. It will also give more head room and provide needed sunlight. This extra light will act to visually open the space.

Adding a new skylight well above a vanity on a low wall allows for
1) more headroom,
2) a taller mirror
3) extra light!

3) Bathroom Shower Layout for Attics

Showers can be tucked into low walls in the attic with the help of two clever tricks.

First, putting a seat in the shower against the low wall creates an obstacle from getting too close to bumping your head. At the same time the bench provides a convenient place to sit.

Second, a skylight with a well gives a few extra inches for headroom. This window in the ceiling also makes the space feel less confining and it showers in natural light.

Installing a skylight along the sloped ceiling in a shower gives
1) added headroom and
2) more light,
while the shower seat keeps people away from the low wall.

4) Bathroom Tub Layout for Attics

Soaker tubs can be installed along the gable wall. Centering the tub along this wall, between the two slopes of the roof, will give bathers enough headroom before they sit and while still standing the tub. When the bathtub is positioned in front of a set of windows they give an inviting light and a nice view for long baths. And because such a bathroom is located in the attic there often are no sight lines to the tub, giving privacy without curtains.
Why Not put a Bathroom in your Attic?
In some large cities, like New York, there is a cap on how high you can build. People who own rights to unused floors of Real Estate actually sell these off to developers who need more floors. They may, for instance have a two story building that is zoned for twenty floors. They can thus sell off eighteen floors! While that is likely not the case for you, you may have unused real estate upstairs in your attic. In exploring this untapped resource for possible uses it is worth considering installing a bathroom in your attic. Who doesn't need an extra bathroom for guests or kids?
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